September 29, 2008


Italy reports first mad cow case in two years



Italy has registered its first case of mad cow disease in two years, according to an official at an animal health institute.


The animal, a 13-year-old beef cow, came from a dairy farm in the northern region of Lombardy, said the official from Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale di Torino.


Maria Caramelli, head of the institute's national BSE centre said that this new case of mad cow disease has been found in a cattle, born in 1995 when feed contaminated with bone meal was still in use.


The previous mad cow disease case was registered in Italy in 2006 and 142 cases have been registered since 2001.


Mad cow disease is believed to spread when cattle eat protein rendered from brains and spines of infected cattle or sheep.

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