September 29, 2003



No Rain Damage To India's Soy Crop


Monsoon rains in India last week did little damage to soy crops in the key producing region of Madhya Pradesh, B.V. Mehta, executive director of the Solvent Extractors Association of India said. The "soy crop may hit the market with a delay of 10-15 days due to rains in Madhya Pradesh, but the yield will not be affected," Mehta said.


He added that markets should not panic from last week's rains as it just means some delay in harvesting, with no impact at all on harvest size.


India's summer sown oilseeds crop is planted June and harvested at the end of September. The harvest is expected to be a bumper crop due to good monsoon rains from June to September. Oilseeds are a rain fed crop.