September 28, 2022


The Netherlands to cull about 201,000 chickens due to bird flu



The Dutch government said they will cull about 201,000 chickens on a farm in Emmen city, Drenthe province, north of the country, after a highly infectious strain of bird flu was detected there, The Straits Times reported.


Following dozens of cases earlier in the year, twelve cases of the extremely deadly strain of avian flu have been reported in the Netherlands in September.


Following the worst bird flu wave ever earlier this year, cases have also increased in France.


Governments and the poultry industry are worried about the spread of bird flu due to its potential to decimate flocks, cause trade restrictions, and potential for human transmission.


Although there is little risk to humans, previous outbreaks among farm birds have required extensive culling programmes to contain them.


-      The Straits Times

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