September 28, 2022


SalmonChile firms invested US$11.5 million in R&D projects in 2021



Salmon-producing businesses affiliated with SalmonChile invested US$11.5 million in projects and initiatives related to research, development, and innovation in 2021, which is 7.6 times more than the amount invested in similar projects and initiatives in 2020, Fish Information & Services reported.


This increase is evidence of the efforts the salmon farmer sector is making to integrate new technologies into its production and environmental processes.


The investment, which is included in the SalmonChile Sustainability Report that will be released at the end of the month, highlights the salmon farmers' dedication to incorporating new technologies into their production and environmental processes.


Currently, more than 6,000 small and medium-sized businesses supply the activity and create innovative solutions, complementing the 60% of guild member companies that have a management structure, leadership, or department devoted to innovation activities. for this industry, whose salmon can be found in over 100 markets.


Arturo Clément, president of SalmonChile, said this indicator of the VII Sustainability Report demonstrates the significance that this productive sector is giving to new initiatives and projects, to generate developments and research, in order to be able to advance in areas that they previously had no way of solving. Research, development, and innovation projects are currently one of the pillars for aquaculture that we consider for the future.


Esteban Ramrez, general manager of the Technological Institute of Salmon, said one of the main focuses that they have been working on has been the promotion of innovation as a way of solving gaps, and in this report they can account for that companies are making decisive progress in structuring their research, development, and innovation areas, 60% have formal areas, and investments of US$ 11.5 million were recorded in projects associated with this matter, which makes them very optimistic about the future of this field.


As part of its commitment to openness and ethical behaviour, the union has been publishing the VII Sustainability Report on a regular basis for the past seven years. The indicator that is being presented is a part of this document.


In order to strengthen it and provide more information to the public opinion, the document will be presented this time at the end of the month in collaboration with the member companies. The report includes an indicator of employees by gender that is specific to the salmon farming industry, along with other environmental, health, and social indicators, such as the connection to communities.


-      Fish Information & Services

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