September 28, 2016


ADDCON to hold 2nd International Silage Summit




ADDCON will hold its invitation-only 2nd International Silage Summit in Leipzig, Germany on November 14, 2016.


Presentations at the summit include: "The impact of silage quality parameters on feed intake" by Prof. Dr. Karl- Heinz Südekum, Univerisity of Bonn, Germany; "Silage making in Finland" by Prof. Dr. Marketta Rinne, Natural Resources Institute, Finland; "Opportunities and challenges during corn harvest from a technical perspective" by Klaus Kellner, John Deere GmbH & Co Kg, Germany; "Benefits of automatic feeding systems" by Maxime de Traversay, DeLaval International, Poland; "Challenges and opportunities with farm scale silage experiments on a research farm" by Dr. Ingvar Selmer-Olsen, director of the University Farm, NMBU, Norway.

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