September 28, 2011


UK's wheat forecast revised up



The UK's agricultural ministry raised the forecast of 2010-11 wheat export by 215,000 tonnes, according to the data from the Home Grown Cereals Authority Tuesday (Sep 27).


The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs now forecasts 2.66 million tonnes of wheat in its latest estimate, up from a May estimate of 2.44 million tonnes.


Total wheat availability, which includes opening wheat stocks, production, and imports, was also revised upward to 17.91 million tonnes from a previous estimate of 17.79 million tonnes.


The 2010-11 wheat production estimate was unchanged at 14.88 million tonnes, the opening stocks estimate increased 168,000 tonnes to 2.03 million tonnes and the import estimate was revised downward by 51,000 tonnes to 1.0 million tonnes.

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