September 28, 2011


Australia's poor season affects wheat quality for the year



Australian wheat has seen a drop in its quality as a result of poor season and difficult harvest conditions, according to The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).


For August 2011, 52% of the wheat in storage is milling grade, compared to 89% milling grade in 2010.


Stocks of milling grade wheat grain were 5.1 million tonnes at the end of August 2011, a decrease of 996,000 tonnes from the previous month. Stocks of feed grade wheat grain were at 4.7 million tonnes at the end of August, a decrease of 657,000 tonnes, or 12% from the end of July 2011.


At the end of August 2011 Australia's bulk storage of wheat grain was estimated at 9.8 million tonnes, which was a decrease of 14% compared to July 2011. Stocks were up 3.1 million tonnes or 46% compared to July 2010.


All states reported decreases in stocks of wheat grain compared to July 2011, following the expected pattern of post-harvest decline.


New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory stored the largest amount of grain at 3.8 million tonnes despite a fall of 15% from July 2011.

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