September 28, 2009
India Oilseed Weekly: Autumn oilseeds harvest seen lower (Week ended Sep 25, 2009)
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Price Summary 
A mixed trend noticed in the oilseeds and meals prices in last concluding week. 
Rate of soy in Indore market was up by Rs450 per tonne and traded at Rs.20, 150 as compared to last week's price of Rs19, 700 per tonne. 
Whereas, soymeal in Indore market was up by Rs.100 per tonne and traded at a price of Rs17, 500 per tonne as compared Rs.17, 400 per tonne.     
Soymeal 48% was down by Rs100 and traded at Rs18, 100 per tonne in comparison to last week's price of Rs18, 200 per tonne.
Price of peanut kernel was up in this week, with a margin of Rs.400 per tonne and settled at Rs.23, 600 per tonne as compared to last week's price of Rs23, 200 per tonne. However, price of peanut meal remained stable and traded at Rs19, 000 per tonne.
Price of rapeseed was also up by Rs1, 800 only and traded at Rs23, 750 per tonne as compared to last week's price of Rs21, 950 per tonne. Rapeseed extraction was also up by just Rs200 this concluding week and settled at a price of Rs.11, 000 as compared to last week's price of Rs10, 800 per tonne.
Sunflower was up by Rs390 and traded at Rs19, 890 as compared to last week's price of Rs19, 500 and its extraction was also up by Rs200 in the last concluding week and traded at price of Rs11, 200 in comparison to last week's price of Rs11,000 per tonne respectively.    
Market Analysis
Even as arrivals of soybean have begun in Madhya Pradesh markets, Solvent extractors in the country fear that the kharif oilseeds crop could be one to 1.5 million tones lower than last year.
"Area under kharif oilseeds has dropped to 16.741 million hectares (MH) against 17.976 MH last year. There has been a drop in the coverage of groundnut and other oilseeds," said Ashok Sethia, President the Solvent Extractors' Association of India (SEAI).
During the current oil season that ends in October, oilseeds production is estimated to be at 24.65 million tonnes (MT) against previous season's 24.59 MT. Of this kharif production was 15.07 MT against 16.49 MT in 2007kharif.
The oilseeds crop is seen dragged down mainly by the fall in area under groundnut. According to the Agriculture Ministry, groundnut has been sown on 4.349 MH against 5.179 MH.
In Gujarat, the area has dropped to 1.658 MH from 1.79, while in Andhra Pradesh it has slipped to 0.952 MH from 1.446 MH. The coverage is down in Tamil Nadu (0.173 MH vs 0.274 MH; Rajasthan 0.315 MH vs 0.329 MH and Karnataka 0.516 vs 0.630 MH.
The coverage had declined mainly due to deficient monsoon, particularly in Andhra Pradesh. In Gujarat, it has been affected by untimely showers.
"The crop, particularly in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, needs another round of rains. Otherwise, the yield may be affected," said Mr. B.V. Mehta, Executive Director SEAI.
Meanwhile, the soybean crop is reported to have shaped well. "The crop could be much better that what we feared. Production could be around last year's level," said Rajesh Agrawal, spokesperson of the Soybean Processors' Association of India.
Last year's production was estimated at around nine MT by the industry, while the Central Government put it at 9.910 MT.
Nearly 50, 000 to 60, 000 bags of soybean have begun to arrive daily in the last five days. "The arrivals are likely to peak in the first week of October," Mr. Agrawal commented.
Currently growers are getting Rs19, 500 a tone for last year's crop. This year's crop is fetching them Rs19, 000 a tonne. 

The comparison rates of nine commodities like Soy/ Peanut/ Rapeseed/ Sunflower and their meals


Prices as on Sep 19

Prices as on Sep 26


   Soy (Indore)

    Rs 19, 700

    Rs 20, 150

   +Rs 450

   Soy Meal Indore

    Rs 17, 400 

    Rs 17, 500

   +Rs 100

   Soy Meal 48%

    Rs 18, 200

    Rs 18, 100

   - Rs 100

   Peanut Kernal

    Rs 23, 200

    Rs 23, 600

   +Rs 400 

   Peanut Meal

    Rs 19, 000

    Rs 19, 000



    Rs 21, 950 

    Rs 23, 750

   +Rs 1, 800

   Rapeseed Meal

    Rs 10, 800

    Rs 11, 000

   +Rs 200 


    Rs 19, 500

    Rs 19, 890

   +Rs 390

   Sunflower Meal 

    Rs 11, 000

    Rs 11, 200

   +Rs 200

US$1 = INR 48.25 (Sep 28, 2009) 

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