September 27, 2023


Sustainable Fisheries Partnership launches landscape-based aquaculture initiative



The Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), a prominent marine conservation organisation, has unveiled an innovative landscape-based aquaculture initiative aimed at fostering collaboration among seafood buyers, processors, and farmers, Global Seafood Alliance reported.


This initiative seeks to address the multifaceted challenges associated with fish farming, including environmental and economic concerns, by adopting a holistic perspective.


Braddock Spear, global policy director at SFP, said that there is a growing demand among retailers and major seafood buyers for actionable solutions that can yield a positive impact. He said that the time is now to link improved aquaculture production and sourcing to broader goals and positive impact on climate change, biodiversity, and strengthening communities.


Funded by the Walmart Foundation, SFP will embark on two projects within its aquaculture programme. The first programme aims to organise market demand in support of more sustainable aquaculture feed. The second programme aims to build the foundation and roadmap for landscape-scale aquaculture improvement of farmed shrimp in Andhra Pradesh, India, together with the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.


SFP's primary focus will be on facilitating industry-wide improvements and collective actions to mitigate risks associated with aquaculture feed sourcing. Key deliverables include the development of an industry action toolkit designed to foster positive and coordinated engagement throughout the supply chain in support of aquaculture feed sustainability. SFP will also collaborate with leading non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and related initiatives to ensure consistency in guidance and recommendations.


Dave Martin, programme director at SFP, said that they have an exciting and unique opportunity to work with seafood buyers and supply chains to develop collaborative efforts around feed. This project will allow SFP to engage industry to better understand, measure, and reduce the environmental footprint of aquaculture feeds.


Presently, only approximately 24% of farmed shrimp from India carries certification. As international markets increasingly demand certified products, addressing sustainability challenges at the landscape level becomes imperative, surpassing what farm-level certifications alone can achieve. This ambitious initiative is poised to drive positive transformation in the aquaculture industry and contribute to broader sustainability goals.


-      Global Seafood Alliance

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