September 27, 2023


Australia's livestock traceability system receives US$14.3 million boost




The Australian federal government has allocated a grant of AUD 22.5 million (~US$14.3 million; AUD 1 = US$0.64) to the Integrity Systems Company, responsible for the livestock industry, to elevate the capabilities of the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) database and its associated infrastructure, Beef Central reported.


Announced in the October budget, this funding will play a pivotal role in modernising Australia's livestock tracking by improving data collection, storage, and distribution mechanisms. The initiative aims to empower the livestock industry and producers to adapt to evolving consumer preferences and market dynamics.


The upgraded database will deliver substantial traceability benefits for all animal species covered by the NLIS, with the flexibility to incorporate future enhancements. Additionally, the grant will facilitate the development of a platform capable of integrating data from other systems. This capability will bolster Australia's agricultural credentials and ensure compliance with international market access requirements, including sustainability and animal welfare standards.


Agriculture Minister Murray Watt highlighted that the NLIS Uplift Grant forms part of the Government's AUD 46.7 million (~US$29.8 million) commitment to collaborate with industry stakeholders and state and territory governments to enhance national livestock traceability over the next three years.


Minister Watt emphasised the critical role of traceability in safeguarding and advancing Australian agriculture. He said that the NLIS is key to maintaining world-class livestock traceability because the faster and more accurate animals are traced, the quicker we can respond and recover from any emergency animal disease outbreak.


Furthermore, this initiative is poised to yield trade benefits by meeting the growing demand for proof of origin and sustainability for Australian livestock and meat products, ultimately supporting the maintenance and expansion of overseas market access.


In addition to its broader objectives, this uplift is anticipated to simplify the NLIS for farmers and producers. It will streamline reporting procedures, integrate with the electronic national vendor declaration system (eNVD), and provide farmers with visibility into the information they have entered into the system, including the movement of their livestock.


Australia's livestock traceability systems have long been recognised as world-leading, and these enhancements will ensure they remain aligned with the nation's evolving needs.


The grant is scheduled to continue until June 30, 2026.


-      Beef Central

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