September 27, 2023


US corn and soybean harvest progresses steadily



US corn and soybean harvests continued to make steady progress in the previous week, as the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) said that 15% of the US corn crop has been harvested, and 12% of soybean crop has been harvested, Brownfield Ag News reported.


While some harvest delays may occur in the early part of this week, most regions in the Midwest and Plains are expected to experience favourable conditions for ongoing harvesting activities.


Additionally for US corn crop, 93% has reached the denting stage, and 60% is now mature. These figures indicate faster-than-normal development. Furthermore, 53% of the corn crop is rated as good to excellent, representing a 2% improvement compared to the previous week.


For soybeans, 73% of soybean plants are in the process of dropping leaves. These figures also surpass the respective five-year averages. However, the USDA noted that the soybean crop's overall condition has seen a slight decline, with 50% of the crop rated as good to excellent, down by 2%.


In the context of winter wheat, 26% of the crop has been planted, slightly below the average pace of 29%. Additionally, 7% of the winter wheat has emerged, matching the typical rate of 6%.


The spring wheat harvest has reached 96%, aligning with its typical pace.


-      Brownfield Ag News

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