September 27, 2022


Food security, sustainable food production highlighted in EU Agriculture Ministers meeting



Food security and the role of European agriculture and food in sustainable global food production were the main topics of a recent informal meeting of EU Agriculture Ministers in Prague, the Czech Republic.


Ministers agreed that the European Union must now act in a coordinated way to maximise sustainable increases in agricultural production and accelerate the use of modern techniques in agriculture.


The war in Ukraine, the lingering effects of the pandemic and advancing climate change are having a major impact on global food security and world food prices.


Science, innovation and modern plant breeding methods in agriculture were among the main topics of the meeting. It included contributions by Czech experts Professor Miroslav Trnka and Roman Hobza, Ph.D. Both Trnka and Hobza said that new trends can help the EU in reducing the use of pesticides and fertilisers, in water management or in breeding new varieties more resistant to extreme weather fluctuations and new plant pests and diseases.


Ministers agreed that the EU must react as quickly as possible to the development of modern trends and not hinder innovation. It is thus important to change the outdated legislative framework by which the EU regulates the use of modern plant breeding methods. This framework not only restricts European farmers, but also leads to an outflow of top experts to countries outside the EU.


- Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union

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