September 27, 2022


Nebraska, US Beef Board sets budget for next fiscal year


The Beef Board of Nebraska, the United States, recently established the next fiscal year's budget, as well as determine projects to be funded. 


The board oversees the one dollar checkoff when cattle producers sell their cattle.  Half of the collected beef checkoff money stays in the US state to fund research, education, market development and promotion projects.  The other half of the money is directed to the National Cattlemen's Beef Board for checkoff related programmes. 


Ann Marie Bosshamer, executive director for the Nebraska Beef Board, said that, since Nebraska has several meat packing facilities, some of the collected money will go back to the state where the cattle were fed and finished. 


Bosshamer added that the amount of funds that are returned to other states amounts to nearly a third of the total collected checkoff money.


The beef checkoff money to be utilised by the board is around US$3.4 million dollars. 


According to Bosshamer, the goal behind the beef checkoff is to increase beef consumption.



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