September 27, 2011


China's Shanxi sees 4% rise in 2011 corn output


Corn yield in north China's Shanxi province is expected to reach eight billion kg, up 340 million kg or 4% over 2010 crop year, according to Shanxi Agricultural Department.


Shanxi, a major corn producing province in China, is now busy harvesting the new corn.


It is estimated that the grain output of the province is to hit 11.5 billion kg, achieving the first bumper year during the 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015).


Experts said that farmers have more interests in growing plants, driven by increased subsidies for planting grains and higher market prices.


The corn planting area of Shanxi province saw an 11-year straight increase to hit 1.723 million hectares, up about 10,027 hectares on-year.

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