September 27, 2011


Ukraine's pork prices down



An increase in the import and supply of Ukrainian meat have caused pork prices to decline by 4.9-8.8% or UAH1.50-3.00 (US$0.19-0.37) per kilogramme to UAH29-31 (US$3.62-3.87) per kilogramme, the Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business Association (UCAB) said.


According to the UCAB, the market pork price is falling and totals UAH27.50-28.00 (US$3.44-3.50) per kilogramme for a second class pork side, while in the summer (July-August) it cost UAH29-31 (US$3.62-3.87) per kilogramme.


The Association said that in July and August 2011, meat imports amounted to more than 10 tonnes per month, whereas in the previous months, it did not exceed five tonnes per month due to a limited impact of import on the summer prices. However, the prices went down in September.


Another reason for the lower meat prices is an increased supply due to cattle slaughter.


"The households usually discard cattle before winter relying on the harvested forage," Yelyzaveta Sviatkivska, executive manager for the Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business Association said.


The Association states that prices of beef in live weight range from UAH35-36 (US$4.37-US$4.50) per kilogramme and notes that they have generally remained unchanged because of reduced influence of meat import.


The rising demand for chicken meat keeps prices at UAH18.50-19.20 (US$2.31-US$2.40) per kilogramme with a high offer.


The UCAB emphasised on the reduction of pig population in the second quarter.


By September 1, it had shrunk by 3.2% to 8.1 million head compared with last year's figures, according to the UCAB.


The livestock population also decreased by 3.2% to 5.1 million head as compared to last year, the Association said.


As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the State Statistics Service reported about there were 149,748 tonnes of pork output in Ukraine in 2010.

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