September 27, 2011


Skiold acquires 50% of Vacuum and Milling Solutions



Skiold, one of the leading manufacturers in Europe of machinery and equipment for feed production, bought 50% of Australia's Vacuum and Milling Solutions.


The agreement was signed Wednesday (Sep 21) last week and implies a change of name for the Australian business to Skiold & Vacuum Milling Solutions, or in short Skiold VMS.


The two parties have cooperated on more than 30 projects during recent years. And have just signed a deal to supply a stock feed production plant to Ridley, the largest stock feed company in Australia. The new plant will have an hourly production of 30 tonnes meal and 20 tonnes pellets.


VMS has since 2008 sold and supplied feed mills and ancillary equipment from Skiold to farmers and stockfeed industries in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and the Pacific Islands.


Skiold has during recent years supplied more than 300 of the so-called Disc Mills to Australia.

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