September 26, 2008


Wuhan venture may yield south-west China's largest cold storage group



A joint venture between Wuhan Roulian Limited and Chongqing Dazhen Meat Limited could become the largest cold storage logistics company in south-west China.


The joint venture would be run by a new entity from Wuhan Roulian and could see the transport of tens of thousands of tonnes of meat products.


Currently, Chongqing's new company has started phase one of the construction of a 30,000-tonne cold storage facility, a 20,000 square metre dry storage facility and a 10,000 square metre wholesale market. Once completed in the next two or three years, the company would become the largest cold storage company in the south-west region of China and would have the largest wholesale market.


Then, it would join markets with the new company from Wuhan Roulian and come under one management.

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