September 26, 2023


Chandigarh administration, India vaccinates over 21,000 livestock against disease



In a significant step towards improving the health and productivity of Chandigarh's livestock population, the Union Territory (UT) administration, a territory governed by the Union Government of India, has successfully vaccinated over 21,000 livestock against foot and mouth disease (FMD) and brucellosis disease, Hindustan Times reported.


This initiative, conducted under the National Animal Disease Control Programme of the Union government, aims to double farmers' income by 2025.


The Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries of the Chandigarh UT administration played a pivotal role in this vaccination campaign, ensuring the well-being of cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats, and swine in the region. The vaccinations were administered free of cost.


Nitin Yadav, Secretary of the Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Department, highlighted the program's overarching goal. He said the UT department has been implementing the program since its inception in 2020. The overall aim of the programme is to control FMD and brucellosis by regular vaccinations and its eventual eradication by 2030, as per the Union government guidelines.


Under the leadership of the department's Director, Paviter Singh, the vaccination drive extended to female calves, focusing on combating brucellosis disease. Four rounds of vaccination for female calves aged 4-8 months were successfully completed by September 20. Comprehensive investigations were conducted, and samples were sent to the National Institute of Veterinary Epidemiology and Disease Informatics (NIVEDI) in Bengaluru. The results demonstrated nearly 100% success in achieving the programme's objectives.


-      Hindustan Times

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