September 26, 2018

Adisseo wins award for probiotic solution at France livestock show



In mid-September, Adisseo's probiotic solution for poultry was awarded at SPACE, a major livestock show held in Rennes, France.

An award was delivered to Adisseo's team for its Alterion® product during Innovspace, SPACE's awards night.
Alterion® is touted as a complete probiotic solution specifically designed to help deliver consistency. Made from a unique spore-forming Bacillus subtilis strain, Alterion® ensures a hassle-free usage for poultry as well as producing an optimal activation in the small intestine.

By acting positively on the gut microbiota, Alterion has a beneficial dual action on both performance and microbial balance.
Alterion® NE is the concentrated form of Alterion®. According to Adisseo, the product concentration is 1.1010 CFU/g, and its recommended dosage is 10g/tonne of feed treated for a final concentration of 1.108 CFU/kg in the feed.

"The innovation of ALTERION NE is that the spores are "glued" on the particles of calcium carbonate, allowing a good quality of mixing and a better delivery to the animals," Adisseo explained.

- Adisseo

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