September 26, 2011 


Norel introduces Natesse for poultry to combat enteric diseases
Press Release



Norel Animal Nutrition has launched Natesse, a combination of sodium butyrate and essential oils that reduces the risk of enteric poultry diseases.


Studies have shown that the addition of Natesse in the diets of chickens infected with Clostridium perfringens (a common cause of food poisoning) improved their weight gain. It also reduced the severity of necrotic enteritis by 73.3% at the macroscopic symptoms level and 46% at microscopic level.


Natesse also causes statistically significant biological changes in cytokine production, which implies a stimulation of the immune response. By doing this, Natesse provides a protective effect against necrotic enteritis infection.


Natesse contains active substances in both free and protected form, allowing for gradual release during digestion that makes the product effective throughout the gastrointestinal tract. The product is intended to provide both the benefits of protected sodium butyrate along with antibacterial properties of essential oils.

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