September 25, 2023


120 cattle die from lumpy skin disease in Pune, India despite vaccination drive



Despite an extensive vaccination effort, approximately 120 cattle in Pune district, in the Indian state of Maharashtra, have died from lumpy skin disease since April of this year, according to a report from the Zilla Parishad's animal husbandry department, The Times of India reported.


The highest number of cattle deaths has been reported in the Shirur, Khed, and Indapur tehsils. An official commented on the situation, highlighting that the vaccine, while administered extensively, does not guarantee complete protection against the disease.


Vishnu Garje, the district's animal husbandry officer, said that they achieved a vaccination rate of 99% for Lumpy skin disease through our 228 centres. But the efficacy of the vaccine is around 72%."


To alleviate the financial burden on farmers due to cattle deaths, the state government provides compensation ranging from INR 16,000 to INR 30,000 (~US$192 to US$360; INR 10 = US$0.12) per head of cattle. Garje noted that officials are actively visiting cattle sheds and conducting awareness campaigns among farmers to better address the situation.


Both farmers and activists are advocating for a more comprehensive approach at the village level. Balasaheb Chaudhry, an activist from Khed, emphasised the need for village-level awareness sessions, particularly in light of the disease's mortality rate.


-      The Times of India

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