September 25, 2023


Philippines sees surge in shrimp and prawn production for 2023



The Philippines Department of Agriculture (DA) is optimistic about a continued increase in shrimp and prawn production for the year 2023, attributed to substantial investments in research, the adoption of new technologies, and the implementation of best practices within the industry, Philippine News Agency reported.


Senior Undersecretary Domingo Panganiban praised the remarkable achievements of shrimp and prawn farmers despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past three years.


Panganiban said that despite the difficulties brought on by COVID-19, the country ranked fourth in Southeast Asia and 10th in the world in shrimp and prawn production output in 2021. He noted that while there was a slight dip in tiger prawn production, the overall production for the first half of the year reached 33,000 metric tonnes (MT), surpassing the previous year's harvest by about 1,000 MT.


Anticipating continued growth, Panganiban projected the industry to produce over 91,000 MT of shrimp and prawns by the end of the year, 4% more than the 87,700 MT it harvested in 2022. The total production in 2021 had amounted to 84,134 MT.


The shrimp and prawn industry's economic contribution was significant, with PHP 27.63 million generated solely from production operations in 2022.


Panganiban also revealed that the Philippines is actively exploring trade opportunities for the industry in countries such as the US, China, and Western Europe.


In her keynote message, Senator Cynthia Villar, represented by House of Representatives Deputy Speaker Camille Villar, stressed the importance of continuous support for aquaculture farmers. She advocated for disease and water quality monitoring to prevent the spread of diseases and subsequent economic losses. Villar called for better access to information and educational awareness to ensure consistent implementation of government policies related to shrimp culture.


Director Demosthenes Escoto of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) expressed optimism about collaborative efforts leading to a transformed, highly productive, globally competitive, and sustainable shrimp industry. He highlighted the role of the DA-BFAR Hipon Iangat ang Produksyon (HIPON), the National Shrimp Production Program, in promoting sustainable practices and technologies.


Joseph Edgar Sarrosa, president of the Philippine Shrimp Industry, Inc, proudly hailed the shrimp and prawn industry as one of the few success stories within the country's agri-aquaculture sector. He emphasised its self-sufficiency, with shrimp production exceeding demand and significant untapped potential.


The 14th Philippine Shrimp Congress, chaired by Ryan Michael Alegre, convened nearly a thousand participants from various industry segments for a three-day event. This year's congress centered on the theme "The Philippine Shrimp Industry: Building and Adapting to the Regional Open Market."


-      Philippine News Agency

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