September 25, 2008


Retailers at mercy of farm prices of chickens in Malaysia



A ceiling price for chicken sold ex-farm must be fixed so that retailers will not be subjected to the mercy of farmers and fluctuating prices in the coming Hari Raya and Deepavali festivities.


Perak Poultry Dealers Association chairman, Jimmy Chong Tong Sing, made the call on 23 September in commenting on the latest announcement by the Government on the retail price of chicken.


If the ex-farm price of live chicken was fixed at either MYR4.5 or MYR4.6 per kg, retailers would be able to survive, but if poultry farmers raise the price to MYR5 per kg, they would find it hard to make ends meet, Mr. Chong said.


Mr Chong feared that without an ex-farm ceiling price, farmers could even sell chickens at MYR5 per kg.

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