September 24, 2008

India bans all unprocessed poultry imports


India's federal government said Wednesday (September 24, 2008) it has banned unprocessed meat and meat products from all species of birds imported from all countries, including wild birds.


Unprocessed poultry products was part of a list of imports of certain livestock and livestock products that were banned to safeguard against the country against bird flu, the staement said.


The government has also banned imports of live poultry, captive birds, processed meat and meat products, eggs and egg products, live pigs and unprocessed pig products from countries that have reported cases of bird flu.  


India's border provinces typically imports these products from neighbouring countries such as Pakistan and Nepal. 


The ban shall also not be applicable to imports of processed pet food containing meat and meat products from bird species, and pork and bird meat intended for use in animal feed.

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