September 25, 2003



EU Detains Seven Batches Of Infected Seafood


Seven separate consignments of the fish, originating in Singapore, were detained by Italian and Dutch customs, said a European Commission report.


This included two separate consignments of dried shrimp shells which were to be sold as feed components, and sent to Poland from the Netherlands. Both consignments, which contained seafood and seafood products, were contaminated with dioxins by the time they arrived at the market.

A consignment of frozen crawfish from Madagascar had also reached the market before it was found to contain the nitrofuran metabolite nitrofurazone.

In all, seven consignments of frozen swordfish, the fish products which were detained at EU border inspection posts were. Among them were tilapia fish from Taiwan, found to contain nitrofuran metabolite furazolidone, Nile perch from Uganda which were infected with mesophiles, and Chinese frozen cooked crawfish tail containing nitrofuran metabolite nitrofurantoin.