September 25, 2003



U.S Corn Crop Expected At 1% Drop 


The U.S. Department of Agriculture said Thursday in its September fall harvest forecast that it expects a nationwide corn crop that is only 1 percent less than a year ago, and a soybean crop that will be off 8 percent from last year's harvest.


This shows the confidence that U.S. government field inspectors have in corn and soybean productions out in the country's Midwestern regions, despite droughts across the Corn Belt.


In Minnesota, corn forecast of more than 989 million bushels show only a six bushel per acre drop from last year's record yields. The region's soybean harvest was forecast at 277.5 million bushels, down from 308.9 million a year ago, with a drop of about 8.5 bushels per acre.


Likewise in Wisconsin, expected fall in corn crop is only four bushels an acre from a year ago, while soybean harvests are down 9 bushels an acre compared with a year earlier.


More accurate data will be available only after the harvest is completed. The USDA expected to released this information on Oct. 10.