September 25, 2003



More US Consumers Switching To Seafood


Tightening US waistlines are translating to widening seafood opportunities, as studies done in the United States point to seafood as the food of choice for slimmers. 


Among programs are a new food guide which stress upping the intake of seafood above other meats, school programs to educate the young and proposals for a tax on fast-food.


Seafood products have been widely touted as the new health food in America, with reports highlighting the benefits of consuming more seafood on general human health. So widespread is such information that a recent survey found that health ranked top among all reasons for eating seafood.


70 percent of the U.S.'s seafood is consumed in restaurants, which puts them as core players in the latest seafood drive. Wider seafood choices, as well as better flavours and presentations have appeared on many revamped menus across the country.


Notwithstanding, the symbol of all-American food, the fast-food outlet, is also jumping on the seafood bandwagon. Major chains like Burger King's and Denny's, are offering more seafood items alongside their other meat staples.

Industry watchdogs are predicting that Americans will consume as much as twice the amount of seafood within the next few years.