September 23, 2022


BASF, Evonik partner to reduce environmental footprint of feed and animal protein industries



BASF and Evonik entered into an agreement, granting Evonik certain non-exclusive licensing rights to Opteinics™ - BASF's digital solution to increase understanding and reduce the environmental footprint of the feed and animal protein industries.


Evonik integrates the digital ready-to-use sustainability platform Opteinics™ into its global feed consultancy services. Combining BASF's digital sustainability solution Opteinics™ with Evonik's innovative farm management tools and sustainability services will help customers to produce more sustainable feed and animal protein.


Opteinics™ is a software solution launched by BASF in 2021 to measure, analyse and minimise the environmental impact of animal protein, with an emphasis on animal feed production. Currently, the software offers modules for pig and poultry production and can be integrated with feed formulation software.


Opteinics™ for pork has recently been fully verified to conform with the ISO 14040 and 14044 LCA standards as well as with the United Nations' Food & Agriculture Organization Livestock Environmental Assessment & Performance (LEAP) Partnership guidelines.  Applications for the dairy value chain and for the optimisation of compound feed mixtures will follow soon.


With the use of Opteinics™, Evonik can even better support the livestock industry to make significant progress in fighting climate change, safeguarding ecosystems and ensuring health and well-being as it works to achieve sustainable food production.


"BASF has over 25 years of expertise in life cycle assessment. Based on our profound knowledge in sustainability improvement, we have independently developed Opteinics™," said Manuel Rez, director of global product management, performance ingredients, solutions and marketing of BASF Animal Nutrition. "With Evonik, we have a strong partner to make it a preferred and leading solution as a digital sustainability platform for the global feed industry."


"We are incorporating BASF's ready-to-use software Opteinics™ into our comprehensive sustainability solutions for customers," explained Dr. Stefan Mack, head of service marketing at Evonik's Animal Nutrition business line. "Along with Evonik's global sustainability feed consulting services, it will help to deliver expert knowledge, built on decades of expertise, research and extensive data".


BASF and Evonik are already targeting further developments in digital sustainability offerings as they both aim to help the animal production sector become more sustainable.



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