September 23, 2019


Ireland's beef farmers stop nationwide protests


Irish farmers have finally ended weeks of protests at beef plants in Ireland, Irish Examiner reported.

Driven by unhappiness over cattle prices, farmers organised more than 20 pickets at Irish meat processing plants, causing a big disruption to beef industry for weeks.

The last picket at the Liffey Meats plant ceased following a vote to end the protest. This happened as beef farmers were warned by the government of potentially destabilising the beef sector.

A spokesman for Irish Agriculture Minister Michael Creed thanked the farmers for bringing the long-running dispute to an end.

"The minister extends his thanks to those who assisted in engaging with picket lines throughout the country over the past seven days in an effort to bring about a conclusion to the dispute," said the spokesman.

"The establishment of the Beef Market Taskforce is now an immediate priority with view to implementing in full the Beef Industry Reform agreement."

- Irish Examiner