September 23, 2019


Shrimp landings in Gulf of Mexico in July significantly lower



Shrimp landings in the Gulf of Mexico in July were significantly lower at 7 million pounds than those in July 2018 and July 2017 (7.9 and 8 million pounds, respectively), data released by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries showed, according to the Southern Shrimp Alliance.


Commercial shrimp landings were 37.8% below the prior 17-year historic average of 11.3 million pounds for July, the data also showed.


In the state of Louisiana, just 1.6 million pounds of shrimp was reported as landed, the third-lowest volume for the state for a July in the last 18 years. All told, landings in Louisiana were 62.1% below the prior 17-year historic average of 4.2 million pounds in July.


In Mississippi, only 415,000 pounds of shrimp were reported as landed, the second-lowest total reported for any July from that state in the last 18 years.


In the first seven months, landings of shrimp in Louisiana and the west coast of Florida are at the lowest levels they have ever been, while landings in Mississippi, outside of 2010, are the lowest in the past 18 years.


Shrimp harvests at historical levels in Texas and significantly above historical levels in Alabama have somewhat offset the low numbers from the rest of the 1.6-million-square-kilometre Gulf, but landings in the region in the seven months through July, at 35.6 million pounds, are the second-lowest volume reported in the last 18 years.