September 23, 2016

WEDA's Fermi 4PX wins SPACE award



At this year's SPACE in Rennes, France, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp were presented with an Innov'Space Star award in the Pig Management Category for their Fermentation Software Fermi 4PX.


The equipment was well-suited to full automated control and monitoring of processes within a liquid feeding unit. This is to ensure proper production of health-promoting fermentation.


Fermi 4PX saves unit operators effort, time, and cost. It calculates the exact amounts of feed components and mixing ratio, and creates a mixing plan. Complex adjustments as well as component and temperature calculations and controls are therefore not necessarily needed. Instead, the system provides timely warning to its user, in the event operations do not go according to the mixing plan. It would help to facilitate adequate time to implement corrections.


"The award affirms our endeavours to rely on fermentation and on the innovations in the fermentation process," Jan Bernd Diekhaus-Röttger, head of sales and marketing of WEDA, said. He added that the use of fermented feed in pig managements offers numerous advantages.


Besides improving animal health, other benefits include reducing feed and health expenses, and protection of the environment. "All these advantages can now be (realised) to the (fullest) extent by means of the Fermi 4PX Software as a comprehensive software package of this kind has - up till now - not been obtainable in the (feeding computers) market," Diekhaus-Röttger explained.

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