September 23, 2011`

French grain exports rise



Along with higher wheat exports to Algeria, grain loadings for export from the French port of Rouen, increased 38% in the week through September 21.

Outbound shipments were 104,278 tonnes between September 15 and 21, climbing from 75,724 tonnes a week earlier, said the Seine River port. Departing cargoes included 86,890 tonnes of wheat and 17,388 tonnes of barley.


Algeria, the biggest buyer of French grain, was the leading destination with 82,470 tonnes of wheat, up from 45,200 tonnes of the grain a week earlier.


Rouen accounted for 45% of France's wheat exports in 2009-10, ahead of La Pallice on the Bay of Biscay, which shipped out 19%, according to data from national crops office FranceAgriMer.

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