September 23, 2011


Turkey's government support for agriculture increases



The Organisation for the Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) annual reports state that among all OECD-member countries, only Turkey had an increase in terms of government support to agriculture.


Government support to agriculture in OECD countries fell to 18% of total farm receipts in 2010, a record low linked to high commodity prices.


The OECD report said support to producers stood at US$227 billion in OECD countries in 2010, confirming a longstanding trend toward falling farm support.


In Turkey, government support to agriculture rose to 27% in the period of 2008-10 from 20% in the period of 1986-88.


As the world's seventh biggest agriculture producer, Turkey's most important commercial partners are the EU member states, the US and the Middle East countries.


The rate of agricultural sector to the gross domestic product dropped to 8.5% in 2009 from 12% in 1995.


Agricultural products accounted for 12% of Turkey's exports and 5% of its imports in 2009.

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