September 23, 2008


Organic acids a vital ally in the fight against salmonella



Organics acids can serve a vital role in the battle to control salmonella in South American poultry farms, a UK poultry salmonella specialist from Kiotechagil said.


Speaking to poultry producers, vets and nutritionists in Peru, Dr Wylie from Kiotechagil, a company which supplies natural feed additives in aquaculture and agriculture, said that the organic acids assist in the acidification of the bird's entire digestive tract providing a controlled release of acids, to assist the development of beneficial gut microflora.


In a study of free-range chickens in Peru, the frequency of salmonella positive isolates was 54 percent.


Salmonella can be passed from poultry to humans via eggs or meat and it is consistently among the leading bacterial causes of food-borne human illness.


Dr Wylie added that salmonella infection in poultry adversely affects gut health and the absorption of nutrients by the chicken resulting in poor growth performance or reduced egg production, thus the need to implement effective control measures.


Control of salmonella at the feedmill alone will not eliminate salmonella from post manufacturing contamination from a variety of sources including insects, water supplies, horizontal transmission within flocks or farm workers.

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