September 23, 2008


HS3 Technologies provides surveillance on pig farms to prevent abuse

Video surveillance and security company HS3 Technologies, Inc., in conjunction with the American Humane Association, is working to enhance farm animal welfare and prevent animal-abuse incidents.


In conjunction with the American Humane Certified programme, which certifies participating producers' farm animals are raised humanely, HS3 has completed installations and begun beta testing surveillance systems in facilities to further ensure that food production in North America meets American Humane Certified animal welfare standards.


HS3 Technologies CEO Mark Lana said that the atrocities at the Iowa farm are alarming and they want to help show that the majority of American farmers are conscientious and offer transparency for the industry.


Installation has begun in five American Humane Certified producer's transportation and production facilities for swine, chicken (broiler and layer farms) and cattle (veal and dairy). The selected producers distribute nationally and internationally, and represent some of the largest animal protein producers in the world.

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