September 22, 2022


Indonesia implements strict policies on cattle movement before G20 Summit



The Indonesian government has announced strict policies on cattle movement, which includes the sale and transport of cattle and cattle farming products, so that the G20 Summit at Bali in November would be a success, Antara reported.


Wiku Adisasmito, coordinator of the expert team of the task force for the handling of foot-and mouth-disease (FMD), said it is now prohibited to transport susceptible cattle out of or into any of Bali's districts or cities. Swine, however, are an exception and are permitted to be sold to areas outside the province.


Additionally, the requirement for vaccinating transported swine has been removed.


In the meantime, the only fresh animal product that has been permitted to enter the province is premium meat that complies with the task force's rules.


The task force, along with the Balinese government and community, are working to vaccinate cattle against FMD in the area in addition to tightening restrictions on the transport of goods.


According to the World Organisation for Animal Health's (WOAH) recommendations, the government is attempting to speed up and increase the national FMD vaccination coverage to 80% by the end of October 2022.


Adisasmito said surveillance will also be regularly conducted, representing their collective effort to protect the G20 Summit from FMD.


He said that in addition to other provinces, he anticipates that the FMD handling efforts in Bali province will be accelerated.


Adisasmito said the Aftopor vaccine, which was developed in France, is a FMD vaccine being used to stop FMD transmission in Indonesia. The Australian government has also given one million doses of the monovalent aphthogen oleo vaccine to Indonesia.


In order to implement the FMD response in Indonesia more quickly, precisely, and measurably, he continued, various parties, including veterinarians as well as military and police personnel, have been involved.


2,666,637 cattle have received an anti-disease vaccination to date, based on information that was delivered from the task force.


-      Antara

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