September 22, 2022


10,000 cattle to be culled in Botswana due to food-and-mouth outbreak



Botswana, a major exporter of beef to the European Union, will cull 10,000 cattle to stop the spread of food-and-mouth disease in the country, Barron's reported.


The southern African nation was forced to halt all beef exports on August 24 due to the first significant outbreak in the previous two years.


Each year, it sends 9,000 tonnes of beef to the EU.


Assistant Minister of Agriculture Molebatsi Molebatsi said 9,757 cattle are anticipated to be killed in villages in the northeastern region that border Zimbabwe.


He issued a warning that infected cattle "keep on increasing" in number.


He estimated that there are 19,000 people in the affected area.


After a two-year respite, the landlocked country of Southern Africa confirmed an outbreak in August.


A serious and highly contagious viral disease of livestock, foot and mouth disease.


Botswana competes with other renowned beef producers like Brazil by exporting 9,000 tonnes of beef to the EU annually, or about half of its total exports.


With the agreement, Botswana can export quota- and duty-free to the EU market.


-      Barron's

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