September 22, 2022


Companies from Laos and China work together to increase cattle output for export to China



A joint venture for the production of cattle intended for export to China has been agreed upon by Chinese and Laos companies, Xinhua News reported.


The related Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, by the Integrated Agricultural Joint Venture from Laos, Tianjin Ringpu Biotech from China, and the China-ASEAN Innovative Academy for Major Animal Disease Control.


The MOU states that the three parties will establish a joint venture for the production of cattle, establish technical guidelines for large-scale healthy cattle breeding, establish a protocol for the prevention and control of major animal diseases as well as hygienic requirements in an effort to meet quarantine requirements for export to China, and implement industrial training programmes.


It is anticipated that their efforts will help the Southeast Asian nation's livestock industry advance and reduce local poverty.


A quota of 500,000 cattle for export to China has been granted to Laos under an intergovernmental agreement.


Laos achieved US$900 million in export revenue from agricultural products in 2021, or 82% of its goal. Agricultural products from Laos are primarily purchased by China, according to information from the Lao Trade Portal website.


-      Xinhua News

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