September 22, 2021


Hy-Line International offers exclusive benchmarking programme



Hy-Line International will provide unique support to its customers through a performance and profitability benchmarking programme called Vision Egg, the company announced on September 14.


Vision Egg is a custom diagnostic tool used to analyse data and emphasise flock performance to achieve the highest genetic potential from Hy-Line layers with recommendations connected to customer profitability. All Hy-Line customers are invited to take advantage of this opportunity by sending flock data to their regional business manager or technical service specialist. The information shared with Hy-Line is kept completely confidential.


"Vision Egg benchmarking is a very strategic tool to identify problems or areas to improve performance and profitability with a presentation that is easy to understand," Vitor Arantes, global technical service manager, said.


Key performance indicators are analysed and used for recommendations including hen day percent, eggs per hen, egg weight, body weight, feed consumption and mortality. The data is compared to Hy-Line flocks and regional flock data for direct and precise changes that can lead to greater economic success for customers.


"Adjusting small factors within a flock from our recommendations can translate to more profitability," Arantes said. "For example, if we recommend a change that brings a higher egg output, which can generate a few eggs more per hen housed, this means the return on investment will be potentially higher or faster."


In addition, the data collected for Vision Egg is reviewed by Hy-Line's renowned R&D team to drive its accelerated genetic selections. It provides a more detailed look at the yearly evolution and local challenges, supporting Hy-Line's global-local initiative as the leader in layer genetics.


"Customers should submit their flock data because it will provide targeted and accurate information to reach the highest genetic potential and save money in an efficient way," Arantes added.


- Hy-Line