September 22, 2016

Hanskamp's SmartPanel improves liquid addition in dairy farming




Hanskamp has recently won an Innov'Space award for its SmartPanel with MultiDos system at this year's SPACE livestock trade fair in Rennes, France. 


Developed for safe and efficient liquid addition in dairy farming operations, SmartPanel with MultiDos allows an automatic and precise dosing of liquid additions in a feeding mixer. The dosing pump, MultiDos, is used to dose - in very precise quantities - liquid additions on a feed station.


Hanskamp, a company specialising in solutions for the dairy cattle industry, creates the SmartPanel to manipulate MultiDos' activities with a feeding mixer. The amount of the liquid is tuned manually by the potentiometer on the system which is mounted in a cabin. MultiDos is mounted on the feeding mixer and pumps directly from a large storage. A spray nozzle is installed on the edge of the feeding mixer and sprays directly on the feeding mix.


SmartPanel with MultiDos not only secures dosing of liquid additions but also allows its user to control dosing from his cabin, without having to climb on the feeding mixer to add liquids by bucket. The equipment's automation helps to save time, increase efficiency in milk production, and as a result, save cost and reduce liquid addition wastage.


With a 'plug and play' feature, SmartPanel with MultiDos is user-friendly and easy to calibrate.
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