September 22, 2016

China Broiler Weekly: AA broiler prices continue to weaken (week ended Sep 14, 2016)


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Price summary


Prices were lower.



Market analysis


AA broiler

Demand for chicken before the Mid-Autumn Festival was soft, dragging AA broiler prices lower by 1.5% in conjunction with ample supplies. Over the past four weeks, AA broiler prices have tumbled 6%.

Prices of AA chick remained in the high range of RMB3.65-4.45/bird despite showing some signs of weakening.


China breed broiler                                             

After remaining frim for two weeks, prices of native broiler slid 0.50% as buying interest softened just days before the holidays. Nonetheless, the average price of fast-growth broiler remained at RMB10/kg, which was a level unseen since March.

Chick prices were stable to higher as demand was relatively stable while hatcheries limited production.



Market forecast

After the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, demand for chicken products is expected to be strong as China prepares for early October's one-week break. However, supplies of broilers are expected to be abundant, hence limiting the upward scope of the market.
RMB=US$0.1499 (Sep 22)

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