September 22, 2008


Harmful chemical detected in fish feed in South Korea


South Korea has found traces of industrial chemical melamine in fish feed manufactured from squid caught domestically and in China, according to the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.


Melamine, used in the manufacture of plastic, can make products appear as if they are packed with protein. It can be lethal when consumed in large amounts.


South Korea's food ministry said a local company, which it did not name, produced 612 tonnes of feed over three months from early April. It supplied 586 tonnes to fish farms while the rest has been recalled or dumped.


A ministry spokesman said that the company had used powdered parts of squid caught here or imported from China and a probe has been launched to determine which parts were contaminated with melamine.


He said 16 fish farms which purchased the feed had sold 400 tonnes of catfish to restaurants and dealers.

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