September 21, 2023


Lumis Enzymes highlights key topics at Southeast Asia seminars




Lumis Enzymes recently organised multiple seminars in Southeast Asia that covered various key topics like El Nino challenges and the variability and non-availability of essential ingredients due to reduced harvests and the inflation of ingredient prices.


The seminars also addressed geopolitical issues that have caused widespread implications on international trade, leading to impact on certain key ingredients. Furthermore, they highlighted the need to source alternate ingredients and adopt sustainable practices to minimise environmental impact.


The seminars were led by eminent speakers with extensive knowledge and several years of experience in the feed industry, Lumis said.


Lumis' Nicklas Jonow delivered a welcome note to speakers and the attendees of the seminars. He provided an overview of the agenda and highlighted the importance of the topics covered during the events.


Poultry and swine nutritionist Lesley Nernberg presented useful insights about alternative feed ingredients and extracting their nutritional values. He provided relevant information on the nutrient composition of conventional and alternate feed ingredients while also offering valuable information on the utilisation of alternative feed ingredients.


Additionally, Nernberg highlighted that Lumis has been proactively researching on these alternate ingredients, recognising their potential as essential or mandatory ingredients in the near future. He further discussed on the technological features of the unique enzyme combinations from Lumis, that would play a very vital role in optimising feed efficiency and maximising economic benefits through the use of these alternate feed ingredients.


Animal nutritionist Assoc. Prof Dr. Yuwares Ruangpanit delivered a presentation on the importance of effective feed ingredient management. She gave a detailed explanation on how low protein diets would not only help to reduce the water consumption, nitrogen excretion, ammonia emission and enteric pathogens but also help to substantially reduce feed production costs. She also emphasised on the significance of precision nutrition and feeding practices in promoting sustainable poultry and animal production.     

Panu Nuangjamnong, who has several years of experience at GISTDA, a well-known space agency in Thailand, presented several geospatial data based on the highly advanced space technologies. He elaborated on the critical parameters that influence a given crop cultivation and harvesting, including the effects of current climatic changes causing droughts, flooding and temperature shifts.


According to the comprehensive data provided by Nuangjamnong, these variations in climatic conditions are leading to drastic drop in the crop production. He underlined the need of the feed industry to prioritise the use of alternate ingredients over the conventional ingredients.


Dr. Ekalux provided very valuable insights on the global feed ingredient price trend over the past few years and projected future price inflations. He presented several dynamics on how the use of alternate feed ingredients would help in reducing feed production costs while also improving return on investment.   


Dr. Tanadon furnished detailed information on the role of Lumis' enzymes concerning the employment of alternate feed ingredients. He emphasised this factor, considering the enzymes' broad substrate specificity, which provides customers the flexibility to use a wide range of ingredients.


He added that the use of Lumis' enzymes helped to overcome ingredient variability and improve animal performance, resulting in lower feed production costs. He noted that the exceptional technical features of the enzymes have set new benchmarks for other enzyme manufacturers in the feed industry.                      


The seminars were well-received by attendees and showcased Lumis' commitment towards the industry, its customers and stakeholders on the latest developments and best practices, Lumis said.

- Lumis Enzymes

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