September 21, 2021


Germany sees rise in ASF cases in wild boar in two states



Among the wild boar populations in two German states, the number of cases of African swine fever (ASF) continues to rise, Feed Strategy reported.


This is one of the factors blamed for the current state of Germany's pig industry, which is facing multiple challenges. Last week, the economic situation in the country's pork industry has been described as precarious by the federal agriculture ministry.


At a meeting with stakeholders in the sector, German Minister of Food and Agriculture Julia Klöckner announced her intention to reorganise the whole pork chain in the country. The overarching aim of the latest initiatives — which will include all aspects from concepts to financing — is to ensure the future of competitive pig farming in Germany.


Among the challenges faced by the industry are ASF, which has led to export restrictions to a number of markets. Exacerbating the situation are the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on both formal and informal hospitality, as well as other events. Furthermore, poor weather reduced the number of barbecues that provide popular entertainment for Germans during the summer months.


Earlier this month, a senior official in the federal agriculture ministry warned that Germany — and Europe more widely — were facing a long battle to control ASF.


Meanwhile, in Poland, the number of confirmed outbreaks in domestic pigs so far this year now exceeds 100. Further cases have also been reported in Hungary, Romania and Russia.


Total confirmed outbreaks in the wild boar population have reached 2,096 based on data from the authorities in the two affected states in the east of Germany. This total comprises 1,640 outbreaks in Brandenburg (as of September 10), and 456 in neighboring Saxony (as of September 13).


Since ASF was first detected in Germany just over 12 months ago, the virus has been detected in wild boar in eight districts in these two states — seven in Brandenburg, and one in Saxony.


Among Germany's domestic pig population, there have been just three confirmed outbreaks so far. All were in Brandenburg during July.


- Feed Strategy