September 21, 2021


Brazil stops travelers from bringing pork products in as ASF measure



Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply has adopted another measure to prevent the introduction of African swine fever (ASF) into the country.


As of September 10, travelers arriving in the country are not allowed to carry pork products from any country in their luggage. This temporary measure applies to those arriving in the country by air, sea or land. Until now, the restriction was limited to the entry of pork products from countries with ASF cases reported in the last three years.


The ban is included in the update of the list of authorised commodities, established by Normative Instruction No. 11/2019, which allows for better border surveillance by the International Agricultural Surveillance (Vigiagro) units.


The exception is for canned pork products that are sterilised by heat, and whose entry into Brazil is allowed as long as they are in their original packaging, duly identified and in a quantity suitable for the traveler's own consumption, and not for marketing or distribution.


The ministry also emphasised that the prohibition of entry of pork products does not apply to regular imports from any country, which comply with Brazilian import requirements for trade and distribution throughout the national territory.


- MAPA (Brazil)