September 21, 2011


Danish Crown progresses into selling expertise in Russia



Europe's largest meat processing company, Danish Crown, is collaborating with Russia's meat industry to sell expertise aside from dealing in meat exports, states CEO Kjeld Johannesen. 


"In cooperation with our Russian partners we have already contributed to several areas and we believe that Danish Crown has great potential to become an important strategic partner in the entire value chain from farm to table," he said.


Johannesen was in Russia two weeks ago as part of the Russian-Danish Business Forum in St. Petersburg at which a joint declaration was signed that included the aim of strengthening and accelerating the economic cooperation between Russia and Denmark.


Each week, about 80 containers of Danish Crown's products are exported to Russia and according to the company, Danish Crown accounts for more than 20% of Danish exports to this market. Johannesen noted that in addition to exporting large quantities of pork and beef to Russia, there is a growing demand for Danish meat business expertise.


"This applies to slaughterhouse operations, food security and production in general, where there is increasing demand for Danish expertise," says Johannesen. "Danish Crown is known worldwide for its high product standards and food safety. We hope and believe therefore that we will remain one of the Russian food companies preferred suppliers and look forward to further developing the growing export of knowledge-based services in future."


Danish Crown is the Europe's largest hog slaughter business and the world's largest pork exporter, according to the company website. The company also processes beef products.

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