At SPACE's Innov'Space Awards in Rennes, France, DSM has added two new achievements for their bovine and poultry portfolios.

As part of the expo, the best innovations are awarded through the Innov'Space event. DSM already has a history of success here, winning previous awards for a number of innovative solutions including RONOZYME® HiPhos, RONOZYME® ProAct and MaxiChick™. This year, DSM is adding two new achievements for RONOZYME® RumiStar™ and the Digital YolkFan™.

RONOZYME® RumiStar™ (animal feed bovine, one star category) is developed in collaboration with Novozymes and is the only EFSA-registered feed enzyme for dairy cows on the market, offering enhanced fiber and starch digestibility and improved feed efficiency.

The Digital YolkFan™ (poultry, two star category) is a user-friendly device that has been awarded for its outstanding accuracy in objective yolk color measurement and easy data management. The innovative tool, which has been developed in collaboration with Nix Sensor Ltd., showcases DSM's commitment to developing forward-thinking, customer-orientated solutions that fulfil an industry need.

These latest innovations prove DSM's dedication to improving feed utilisation, health and performance as well as sustainable animal production. The products, along with the company's strong heritage and 50 years' experience in the animal nutrition and health industry, make DSM the leading global partner for the feed industry.

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