September 20, 2011


Vietnam's milk product prices up


Milk product prices of various milk brands such as Friesland Campina Vietnam, Dumex, Nestle and XO have increased by 4-15% in September, state media reported Monday (Sep 19).


The Saigon Giai phong newspaper reported that brands like Friso, Friso Gold and Friso Gold Mum by Friesland Campina Vietnam and Dutch Lady rose between US$0.26 and US$3.89 on their milk products, giving no clear explanation for doing so.


Companies gave no information on price building or announced the hike on any public media or their website. They only sent their new revised price lists to retailers and distributors.


Consumers are unable to understand the hike and milk depots have failed to provide any information.


Heavy reliance on imported milk is among reasons making Vietnam's milk price hike as domestic production meet only 28% of total demand.


Prices of imported milk powder of different brands in Vietnam had already been between 20- 60% higher than those in regional countries before this hike.

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