September 20, 2008


Brazilian chicken exports up 17 percent


Brazil's chicken exports for January to August 31 rose 17 percent to 2.5 million tonnes and brought in US$4.8 billion, up 56 percent over the same period last year, industry association ABEF said late Thursday.


Brazil exported 168,000 tons of chicken cutlets in August, roughly even with August 2007 figures, but shipped 10.5 percent over the January-August period to hit 1.3 million tonnes worldwide.


Whole chicken exports for August totalled 129,000 tonnes, up 19 percent on the year. From January to August, Brazilian chicken exporters shipped 906,000 tonnes of whole frozen chickens, up 18 percent over the same period in 2007.


In the processed chicken meat segment, which includes goods such as breaded chicken patties, Brazil companies exported 14,000 tonnes in August and 111,000 tonnes from January to Aug 31.


The Middle East continues to be the main market for Brazilian chicken exports, with shipments of 756,000 tonnes, up 17 percent over the 8 month period ending August 31, ABEF said.


Asian markets followed suit, with imports of 632,000 tonnes of Brazilian chicken, up 18 percent during the January-August period when compared to the same eight-month period last year.


Brazil's EU market has remained stagnant over the last year at just 0.5 percent growth, or 364,000 tonnes. The EU has imposed various restrictions on processed chicken meat coming from Brazil, and is largely served by local European chicken producers instead of foreign suppliers.

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