September 19, 2014

Termotecnica Pericoli introduces new PERIbreeze Fan ventilation system




Termotecnica Pericoli, a company specialising in climate technology for the livestock and agricultural sectors, has announced the release of the ADF 53 PERIbreeze Fan ventilation system.


Primarily developed to meet the standards and specification of the American dairy sector, the ADF 53 is created with heavy duty material and operates with less vibration and friction.


It is equipped with a six-blade propeller which generates a high rate of air displacement with low absorbed power, resulting in high efficiency. This advantage is also enabled by well-lubricated bearings and the housings' central location, contributing to a reduction in energy losses. 


In addition, the system's standard auto belt tensioner ensures optimum energy transfer during startup and operation, with extended maintenance-free service.


The PERIbreeze pressed orifice and tubular frame is lightweight and can be easily installed with either the standard L-Tube or eye-bolts to optimise air distribution for specific applications.